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Otto Insurance Group

5855 Chandler Ct
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Auto Insurance in Ohio

In Ohio, all drivers must have a liability insurance policy to drive a vehicle on the roadways legally. The requirements in Florida are a little different as drivers must have a minimum amount of personal injury protection and property damage liability. The auto insurance agents at the Otto Insurance Group understand the vital role auto insurance plays in keeping other drivers safe as well as your vehicle.

Types of Auto Insurance

Liability Insurance

A liability insurance policy covers any damages, or a certain amount of medical bills incurred by others if you are involved in an accident that is determined to be your fault.

Underinsured/Uninsured Motorist Coverage

This type of insurance is not required, but it is good to have it in place. It will cover damages to your vehicle and help with your medical bills if you are involved in an accident that is the other driver's fault. That person does not have insurance coverage or has enough to cover everything needed.

Comprehensive Insurance

If you have a loan for your vehicle, this type of insurance may be required to protect the lender's investment in your vehicle. It is also an excellent policy to obtain if your vehicle is adversely affected by a fire, natural disaster, vandalism, or if someone steals it.

Collision Insurance

Collision insurance helps pay for repairs if you are involved in a collision. This could mean a collision with a car, truck, SUV, or an inanimate object. For example, if you back your vehicle into someone's garage door, this coverage will pay for damages to your car and the garage door.

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