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Motorcycle Insurance in Ohio

If you ride a motorcycle, you love your bike, but you also have a lot of risks to worry about. To keep yourself protected against several risks on your bike, you need motorcycle insurance. If you ride a motorcycle in Ohio or Florida that doesn't yet have motorcycle insurance on it, call us now at Otto Insurance Group to get started.

Coverage for Liability

A motorcycle insurance policy comes with several types of coverage all in one policy. One of these is the liability insurance coverage that is so important to anyone on the road. Your liability coverage includes two types of this coverage- liability for property damage and bodily injury liability. The coverage for property damage will pay for any damage you do to another vehicle, a building, landscaping, etc. Your bodily injury liability coverage pays for the injuries that third parties get in an accident caused by you. You are far less likely to be sued for damages or injuries when you have both of these coverage types. It's also an excellent way to keep your riding legal.

Other Coverages for Motorcycle Riders

Most state requirements for motorcycle insurance include liability coverage, but it doesn't require you to have coverage to pay for damage to your bike. Collision coverage is a type of coverage that pays for the damage done to your motorcycle in a wreck that you caused. This may pay for repairs or a replacement. Another type, comprehensive coverage, covers many things that can happen to your bike when you aren't riding it. It's highly recommended that you get collision and comprehensive insurance for your motorcycle to be well-covered against many risks.

Cover Your Motorcycle

To protect yourself and your bike, you must have a motorcycle insurance policy. A policy will keep you protected against a range of incidents that can happen to your bike as well as to other people and property. To get started with a motorcycle insurance policy, call us today to get a quote in Ohio or Florida through Otto Insurance Group.