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Otto Insurance Group

5855 Chandler Ct
Westerville, OH 43082

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Otto Insurance Group

5855 Chandler Ct
Westerville, OH 43082

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Health Insurance in Ohio

Skip the Marketplace and Shop for Health Insurance with Otto Insurance Group

Residents of Ohio and Florida don’t need to shop in the health care insurance marketplace because you can purchase qualifying policies directly from Otto Insurance Group.

Since the law changed mandating each individual to carry health insurance, many individuals have misunderstood how to obtain US health insurance. Many people receive insurance through their employer or the government through the Medicaid and Medicare programs. We can help you purchase a policy that meets federal criteria if you don’t receive insurance from your employer or because you’re an independent contractor. Some companies are so small that the law does not require them to provide coverage for their employees.

Otto Insurance Group offers many policy types, including standard policies, temporary insurance plans, and Medicare options, so you can add to the coverage that the Medicare plan provides.

The Health Insurance Portability Act established criteria for obtaining coverage, such as an open enrollment period. Outside of this period, you must have undergone a significant life event like moving to another state or the birth or adoption of a child to obtain coverage.

Why go it alone when we can explain the difference between EPO, HMO, PPO, and Part C? We can also help you understand the difference between a catastrophic plan and a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum plan. Let us help you understand the difference between Medicare’s Part A, which is free, and the added options of Part B, C, D. We can help you make the complex healthcare marketplace a simple matter. You tell us what you want, and we will give it to you for a reasonable premium.

Call or email Otto Insurance Group serving the states of Florida and Ohio. We can help you obtain the medical insurance you need to protect you and your family’s health.