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Flood Insurance in Ohio

Whether you live in Ohio or Florida and are located in a flood-prone area or not, it is a great idea to have a flood insurance policy in place for your home or business to be on the safe side. The agents at the Otto Insurance Group know just how damaging water can be to a home or other structure.

Many people do not realize that flood insurance is not included under their homeowner's insurance policy. It is a separate policy that can be obtained to go along with your homeowner's insurance.

Flood Insurance Policy Coverage

A flood insurance policy can be obtained through your insurance agency in conjunction with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). There are two options to choose from under a flood insurance policy, including an option that will cover your home itself up to a certain amount and one that covers your personal property. This means that you can make the necessary repairs to your home in the event of a flood and also be able to replace some of the personal property that was lost due to flooding. Personal property includes items such as your furniture, appliances, and clothing.

Things Not Covered Under a Flood Insurance Policy

While many things in your home are covered under a flood insurance policy, certain items cannot be recovered through flood insurance, such as stocks and bonds, precious metals, and cash. If you live in a flood-prone area, it may be a good idea to keep some of those types of items in a safe location that is flood-proof or located away from your home.

Also, the landscaping around your home is not covered by flood insurance and includes walkways, plants, and trees. You will have to check with your agent if things like septic systems, decks, hot tubs, or swimming pools are covered under your flood insurance policy.

Contact an Experienced Agent

To obtain a quote for a flood insurance policy and get your policy started today, contact the Otto Insurance Group!