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5855 Chandler Ct
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Condo Insurance in Ohio

Owning a condo is a great way to have a home of your own, and it generally requires you to have condo insurance. If you live in Ohio or Florida and are interested in condo insurance, call us at Otto Insurance Group to find out more.

Protection for Your Condo

When you have condo insurance, you have protection for the condo itself. Unlike home insurance, this doesn't cover the outside portion of the condo. The areas that are covered depend on where your ownership ends. The condo board owns the outer part of the outer walls, and they must insure that portion. The portion you own usually extends to the inner portion of the outer walls, though it may extend to the middle. If it does, the electric wiring ad plumbing piping must also be covered by you.

Protecting Your Belongings

Another coverage type in condo insurance is insurance for all of your belongings inside the condo. These items add up to a lot of expenditure, and it's vital to have those items protected. If a serious incident happened that ruined your belongings, your condo insurance would help you replace them. This is a valuable coverage to have, as few people could afford to replace everything on their own.

Liability Protection

Another type of protection from condo insurance is protection against your liability. If a third party were to enter your condo and become injured, you would likely be held liable for the medical bills that resulted. Those bills can be paid by the policy instead of by you with condo insurance. So, if the person wants to sue, they will sue your insurance instead of you.

Get Your Condo Policy

For those in Ohio and Florida, we can help you understand condo insurance and get a reliable policy of your own. Call us at Otto Insurance Group to get started.