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What Happens If I Make A Claim On My Home Insurance Policy?


If you make a claim on your home insurance policy, you can expect to receive a letter from your insurer asking for further details about the damage and what caused it. Your insurer will then assess whether or not it is liable for the claim and if so, how much it will pay to put the property back in good order.

If you have a dispute about the amount of money being offered, you can then contact your insurer’s customer service team who will be able to advise you on how best to proceed with your complaint. For expert assistance, talk to Otto Insurance Group in Westerville, OH.

Making A Claim On Your Home Insurance Policy

When you make a claim on your home insurance policy, the company will send a form that clearly outlines the facts and procedure. There are a few things you can do during the claim process to get the most out of your insurance.

  • Ensure you know your policy’s terms and conditions.
  • Check your policy for early claims.
  • Opt out of having your policy changes.
  • Follow up with your insurance company every two months to make sure your claim is being processed.
  • Keep track of your claims. When you receive a notice that your home insurance has been paid, leave the notice on the refrigerator and come back to it when you are done with the business end of the claim.

Home insurance can be a really valuable part of your coverage. If you have a claim and you are insured, you will likely be responsible for any payment you receive.

Give Us A Call

Most home insurance policies will provide you with a claim notice if you need assistance. If you’re not insured, you will likely be responsible for the entire cost of hiring an expert to help you get it resolved. Discuss with Otto Insurance Group and inquire in Westerville, OH.

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