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Do I Need To Insure My Boat If It’s Kept In A Storage Facility?


If you have a storage facility that is in a high-risk location for fire, theft, etc., you will want to make sure you have the right insurance in place to protect your belongings. This will prevent issues if there is a fire, if something is stolen or if the facility is damaged.

Storage facilities will require you to have a policy in place. If living in the greater Westerville, OH community, consult with Otto Insurance Group.

What to Know About the Boat Storage Insurance

Most storage facilities offer some level of insurance coverage, but it’s best to confirm ahead of time what is provided and what is not. Storage facilities are often hesitant to provide coverage for things that can go wrong with a boat in storage, as they are not responsible for associated risks.

For example, if you rent a storage unit and the unit burns down, the storage facility will not be held responsible for your loss. As with any type of storage, your best protection is to have a signed contract, proof of insurance, and a way to get the boat out of the storage facility if an emergency occurs.

If you are storing your boat at a facility like Marina Storage, it’s a good idea to have it covered through a storage insurance policy to protect your investment. When storing your boat, the facility will have everything covered from the roof through to the walls.

Storage facilities have a very high level of security to protect the value of their assets. They have staff 24/7 to protect the facility, and will have a security system to monitor and record every movement of every piece of equipment. The best storage facilities will offer daily inspections to make sure the boat is still in good condition and not damaged.

Most facilities won’t accept your boat for storage unless it has a signed slip and is covered by an insurance policy. Your best option is to purchase the highest level of coverage available and confirm that the policy covers the value of the boat should it be damaged or stolen.

Most storage facilities require that you purchase a policy from an insurance company. Be sure that the policy covers your boat. Most storage facilities will require you to sign a waiver of liability before they will accept your boat for storage.

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Storage facilities are not required by law to carry homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, so it is highly recommended that you purchase coverage for your belongings.

Many storage facilities also have contracts that prevent them from providing refunds for the unexpired term of your contract. Seek advice from Otto Insurance Group in Westerville, OH.

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