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Otto Insurance Group

5855 Chandler Ct
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Renters Insurance in Ohio

If you are a renter, your landlord likely requires that you get and keep a renters' insurance policy. However, even if there is no requirement, it's a smart idea to get this coverage. It offers several coverage types to keep you protected against a wide range of incidents that can happen. If you live in Florida or Ohio, give us a call at Otto Insurance Group for more information about renters' insurance.

Protection for Possessions

Unlike home insurance, your renters' insurance doesn't cover the rental itself. Instead, it mainly protects your personal possessions. All of the belongings in your home add up to a large amount of money spent, and few could afford to replace all of it. That's where renters' insurance comes in. It protects those belongings so that they can be replaced without the money for them coming from your pocket.

Coverage for Liability

This is a risk that many people don't think much about- until it happens. If someone were to come into your home and become injured, you could be held liable for all of their medical and certain other bills. However, renters' insurance can cover this for you. This can save you from being sued over medical bills and other expenses like lost wages.

Protecting Your Standard of Living

If something were to happen to your rental and it was left uninhabitable, your renters' insurance can pay for you to live somewhere else for the duration of the repairs. It can even pay for your daily expenses while you're living there. This coverage is another that many don't think about until that risk turns real.

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If you don't have renters' insurance and are a renter, call us right away to get you started with renters' insurance. It's a budget-friendly type of insurance, and renters always need it. Call us at Otto Insurance Group if you rent in either Ohio or Florida.